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Edward S. Baiz Jr.
Envelope Printing
17 years ago
Hello all,

I am having a little trouble printing on envelopes. I have setup a template file of an envelope size of 9.5in x 4.125in. I have also added the fields needed (To address, my return address, postnet). However, when I try and print, the printer (Epson Photo 700) thinks the envelope length is bigger than 4.5 in. I have the postnet field on the bottom right like it should be. The other two fields print, but not the postnet field. Now if I insert the envelope again, the postnet field is printed, but in the wrong position (on the upper right side). If I use an 8.5in x 11in piece of paper, everything is printed correctly.

Is it the printer, my CDK file or Calamus's fault? Could it have something to do with the printable area? This area in my file is not exactly centered. It is more to the left and down. I believe this area is setup by the printer driver correct? Is there anyway to adjust this or do something to get around this? Should I make my template larger then what the envelope actually is? Suggestions?
Re: Envelope Printing
17 years ago
The reason why your printer printed the PostNet field in the 2nd pass in a rather wrong position is caused by a wrong paper size definition in your printer settings.

How did you set up the printer parameters of your Epson Photo 700 in order to let it "understand" that you are going to print envelopes?

I guess you should click on "Settings" in the Calamus printer dialog, then chose "Paper Size" (or something like that) in the corresponding Windows printer driver dialog and look for a button "Enhanced" there.

Whenever I try and print envelopes with my Kyocera laser printer, chosing the paper slot for envelopes is not enough. I have to select the according envelope size (e.g. DIN C5) in the "Enhanced" dialog, too. After that, the according print are values in the Calamus dialog are changed as well as the printable area guide lines in the document are updated.

Please keep in mind that the printable area of the current printer setup will always be positioned at the BOTTOM of a Calamus document page. So it was a good idea to define the document size according to the envelope size already.

Grüße / Greetings / Groetjes / Salutations,
Ulf Dunkel · invers Software
Re: Envelope Printing
17 years ago
Hi Edward,

You can always check your print setup in the print preview mode. This will show pretty accurately what it will look like and if all will be on the envelope. This has saved me on several occasions from very wrong printings. But indeed the envelope size must match the paper setups.

- Paul Pasveer
Edward S. Baiz Jr.
Re: Envelope Printing
17 years ago
Thanks Ulf I will try that. That idea never came to me and it looks like it should work.
Edward S. Baiz Jr.
Re: Envelope Printing
17 years ago

I guess using the print preview mode would make sense. I never used that before. Kind of stupid on my part. Thanks for remindng me.
Edward S. Baiz Jr.
Re: Envelope Printing
17 years ago
Well I just wanted to say that I finally got this to work. Ulf was correct in that I had not set the printer driver for my Epson Photo 700 printer (under NVDI) to the correct paper size. First I tried the Card DL (I believe) which had
a paper size of about 4.5in x 8.33in. The envelope I am using is a Business #10 which is about 4.125in x 9.44in. This worked to a point. About 90% of the information was printed and this was strange since the printable area was large enough for everything to print.

If there is a way to adjust the printable area, I would like to know how to do it. I got the printable area to change when I used the "crop mark" option in the "print" option,

What finally worked was when I used the option in the NVDI driver of "card 5 * 8in). The printable area was smaller, but was large enough for Calamus to print everything including the postnet code.

The postnet code I used had the work "demo" above the code. I had gotten it from a site on the Internet. To fix that, I just put a graphic frame on the word "demo" that conained a blank with picture.

I suppose I could not use Gemvelope with the changed NVDI setting, but even then, I do not trust it. Sometimes I would get nothing and sometimes garbage. It needs an upgrade, but that will not happen, so I will use the Calamus document since I feel it is more reliable,

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