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Page numbering

Posted by auggybendoggy 
Page numbering
11 years ago
I think I'v'e asked this before but I'm asking again because if there is one thing about Calamus that really kinda sucks, it's the simple tasks which are near impossible to figure out.

Adding a page number should be simple.

I know I have to add a text block to a master page.
Then I go to the control code and insert the page number.

but when I go back to the layout I get...


For some reason I get ??? all the time.

I need help. The manual is unhelpful from the control code section and master page section does not instruct.
Re: Page numbering
11 years ago
hello auggybendoggy,
sorry for my bad english, i'm a new user and you guess i've got a german speaking version of calamus sl 2006.

This is the solution i hope, i've looked at the online help an find this upon that might would help you:

As already mentioned, Calamus performs semi-automatic page numbering. In practice this means: Wherever you want a page number to be printed, you insert a placeholder (see Text module, "Control codes" function group) for it in the text. When you click on "Reformat document" in the Options menu, Calamus will replace all placeholders with the correct page numbers. If you add or delete pages later, this numbering will no longer be correct of course. In that case just reformat the document again.

In the dialog box illustrated above you can choose the numbering style, and also which numbers are to be printed on which pages. The page number printed has no connection with the physical page, i.e., the number shown in the top bar of the document window. All this sounds fine in theory, but an example is required: First, there must be a text frame on every page, and the text frames must contain the control character for inserting the current page number (see Text module, "Insert page number"). It is best to create header or footer frames for this purpose on the master page (see below). Now, click on the Page numbering icon. Enter "1" for the Start number. Clicking on [OK] will close the dialog box. Now, the appropriate page number will appear on every page.

Next, insert a page into your document. The header or footer frame holding page numbers appears as you would expect (it is present on the master page, after all), but there is no page number in it. Instead you will see three question marks there: ???. You can fix that by clicking on the Page numbering icon once more. Confirm the dialog box settings by clicking [OK], and there will be a page number on the new page.

If the numbering is not to be continuous because, say, you plan to add further complete page(s) later, you can enter the range of physical page numbers (i.e. those shown in the top bar) that are to be numbered in order in the Page numbering dialog box. Then enter the (printed) page number for the first page of this range in the "Start:" edit field.

Greetings Tillmann H.

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Re: Page numbering
11 years ago
I tried it and all I get is ????

When I try adding 1. I get 1.????

I'm frustrated. Is there a page number module to purchase which makes it easier to add page numbers?

Again, heres what I do.

On the master page I add a text block where I want my page to be.
then I enter "1." into that text block.
then I go to the control code and click on insert current page number.
Then I exit the master page layout and inter page layout and suddenly I get ????
After reformatting I get ????

So nothing seems to work.

I've done it before so you would think I can do it again, but it really is sad when someone has to say "hope I can do it again" when page numbering should be simple in a desktop publisher.

Re: Page numbering
11 years ago
OK OK I got it.

It's simply found in the master pages layers module and under select page numbering style. That sets it.

That link outta be in the text control codes.

Re: Page numbering
11 years ago
I am sorry for any irritations the manual may have caused. Indeed, the page number control handling might get some enhancements.

This is how it basically works:

1) You create a text frame on a master page. (Why? Page numbers basically are "text output" and have to be kept in a Text frame. The Page Number control code generates text output, too, so it has to be kept in a Text frame, too.)

2) You enter a page number control code in this text frame.

3) When you return to Layout Page mode, the page numbers on all layout pages (which have been assigned to the relevant master page) are shown as '???', because Calamus offers to assign any page number to any layout page. *)

4) Then you define the desired page numbers for the layout pages in the -> PAGES module (which is not required until you use page number control codes at all).

5) Now the real or virtual page numbers are shown on the relevant layout pages.

6) Furthermore, you can switch the page numbering style in the PAGES module (but that is not doing the real trick as seen in step 4; it just also assigns the page numbers when you click [OK] in the relevant dialog).

*) In fact, we should try and show the physical page numbers by default instead of showing '???' when the page numbers have not been assigned yet. This is indeed kind of irritating. Maybe an alert box could focus your attention to the page numbering dialog in the PAGES module then.

Grüße / Greetings / Groetjes / Salutations,
Ulf Dunkel · invers Software

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