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Block lists

Posted by auggybendoggy 
Block lists
12 years ago
Perhaps this already exists but I figure if it does not hurt to make the suggestion anyhow.

Concerning Screenwriting:

If in Eddie it would be nice to create a block which could be moved IN THE LIST.

What I mean is lets say I've written out 5 scenes.
Now I could take each scene and name it.
so heres my example.
(scene list)
Nuclear bombs launch
Charlies at school
Charlie gets grounded
Tom gets acceptet to oxford
now the list would look just like the text styles list

but now lets say I wanted Toms acceptance to go before Charlie gets grounded. One could just click and drag "Tom gets accepted to oxford" BEFORE "Charlie gets grounded" and the text is automatically moved for you.

Now if one double clicks the scene "Charlie gets grounded" Eddie opens ONLY this scene for editing and that new edit become part of that scene.

If Calamus can or could do this it really could make an appearance as a powerful screen writer (especially if it is in lite)

I'd say the only thing it may want to do is export a Final Draft format which would make it a huge seller for people.

Just some thoughts,

Re: Block lists
12 years ago
After looking at the modules, LOCATOR is very very close to the idea I stated EXCEPT my Idea would be to allow locator to move the marked blocks by simply dragging the name in the locator list.

Re: Block lists
12 years ago
Hi Aug.

Your idea is phenomenal, but not new. winking smiley

To our blame be it spoken that Pages (by Apple) has already implemented this, although they target not on screenwriting. We would have to introduce new control code stuff to the Calamus text format to make the text engine able and recognize such blocks automatically. But you would still have to mark and name these blocks once.

Right now we're busy rewriting the whole text engine to support Unicode in future. This will probably also lead to other major changes in the text format. There are already even other control code wishes in our wish list. So I put your idea to this list and we will see how fast we can implement it.

Grüße / Greetings / Groetjes / Salutations,
Ulf Dunkel · invers Software
Re: Block lists
12 years ago
Heres an admendment for Calamus' block control.

(I'll speak in terms of screenplays since that's my intention).

Suppose I write 3 scenes.
Now I take the time to highlight the 1st scene and name it.

Now I can easily navigate to this scene.

But also when one selects the scene if eddie is chosen immediatley after selecting that block ONLY that scene would open up in the editor.

That would be a nice and neat way for someone to edit their novel, screenplays or scripts. Sometimes I only want to work with that section and see nothing else.

Just a thought.
Re: Block lists
12 years ago
Your admendment ideas are really nice. But are you aware that Eddie already works the way you want it to do?

Select a block in your text frame. Then open Eddie. It will only show the content of the selected block - and of course fill the edited content exactly back into the bounds of the marked block in your text frame.

But of course a block management would be great.

Grüße / Greetings / Groetjes / Salutations,
Ulf Dunkel · invers Software
Re: Block lists
12 years ago
Of course that's how I'm using it now but as you state block management will only help eddie all the more.

Without block management I have to always highlight my area. I'd like to just select block "beach shoot out" and that opens in Eddie.
Also I pipe my pages and I can't highlight from page to page. So block control should be able to do this.

Apparently I've tried Export RTF to Final Draft 7 import and it seems to work flawlessly. Final Draft seems to recognize the format of the RTF that it even
keeps the scenes, characters, dialogue and headers (slugs). Which is great.

I'll write more on this block control because I have some ideas but NO time : )


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